This isn't related to the current version, but just an idea for the future.
We know that there will be support for other NFT projects like PancakeSquad or Liquid Monsters etc. But it might be interesting to add staking groups so that you need multiple NFTs that satisfy different criteria to enter certain pools.
For example, you could have a pool that someone can enter if they stake 1 Liquid Monster and 1 Cross Boss.
In the simplest form, you could have a partner project pool, where people can stake a partner NFT and earn rewards, and then a separate pool where you also stake a Cross Boss and get a slightly higher reward.
But beyond that, you could have multi-project collaborations. For example, stake 1 Bull Society, 1 Liquid Monster, and 1 Cross Boss to enter a pool. Each team could contribute to the rewards (as well as marketing) so that ROI for all projects is higher than running single pools just for their own.
Would be a great tool for networking and collaborating with other projects, IHO partners, etc. On BSC where the NFT market is still in its' infancy, it could help bring exposure and excitement to multiple projects.