Cross Pool

Cross Pool Update

2021-07-23 at 13
We've added a new and experimental UI section into Cross Pool for Binance Smart Chain. As the message says, the premise of this
Mystery Box
area is as follows:
  1. These pools do not remotely follow anything related to the general allocation layout that we have designed here.
  2. They are
    completely experimental
    and up to us how we wish to run them.
  3. In the future we may run events like
    community picks
    or other non-pool style pools.
  4. Teams
    who wish to be the lead feature on the entire website can now do that if they wish.
  5. There is no concept of "good" or "bad" APR
    in this section of the website. It's purely experimental if you can either participate in the pool or not. Assume that there is a reason behind every single test that is run there.
  6. And finally this allows us to take guesses from the community on Twitter or other locations and if those guesses are right then they might be eligible for something interesting. Social sharing is important.
Participating in these pools will also have its benefits
later but that's for another day. Thanks for using Cross Pool!