Cross Mint

Protocol Fees

Cross Mint Update

2021-08-02 at 09
Since deploying Cross Mint out on various chains we've noticed quite a bit of odd behavior with the mints, likely because they are extremely cheap (near-free, in fact).
We pay more in infrastructure than the actual minter makes us at the moment.
That's by design but may change.
We've bumped these up slightly to see if it has any effect on helping both 1) protocol runway and 2) stopping bots. Mint fee on all chains currently is around
depending on the weather. We don't charge in fiat - the charge is in the native chain asset and will always be in flux.
Thanks for using Cross Mint!
(P/S: No, we don't automatically do retroactive airdrops on new blockchains. We try to stay agile in our approach to incentivization.)